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           SEI Laser Systems (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd is a branch of SEI S.p.A. (
          Since 1982 we are the partner who offers innovative solutions to our customers to satisfy the specific market's requirements. Thanks to our know-how and continued investments, we provide laser systems that guarantee significant performances in terms of cost, operational efficiency and final quality product. 
         Thanks to the complete range of laser systems developed by our R&D department, SEI Laser is able to satisfy the application needs of customers in both vertical and horizontal markets, including: Textile, Interior Design, Automotive, Lighting, Visual Communication, Graphic Arts, Converting, Labelling, Flexible Packaging, Folding Carton, Furnishing and Metal processing.
         We produce our laser systems in Curno, Mapello and Buja production sites (in Italy) thanks to 5 departments (mechanical, electronic and optoelectronic, software, mechanical design and production) which follow all the stages of the production process. The software and firmware that control SEI Laser systems are developed by our Software R&D Department that satisfies the different customers requests in real time. 
          A state-of-the-art technology requires commitment; our history is based on loyalty and mutual respect with customers. This alchemy enables us to establish strong connections with our customers which last for decades and constantly renewed.
         We work so that our innovative solutions help find new opportunities and new business for customers.
          Revolutionary Generation: this is SEI Laser.


SEI Laser Systems (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd

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Address: No.128, Zheduan Road, Pukou Development,Shengzhou, Zhejiang, China