The new laser system for textile roll cutting and marking:  high speed, high quality, high productivity

Product Details

• Processes: cutting, engraving, marking and perforation

• Processable materials: genuine and synthetic leather, natural and artificial textiles, technical textiles and plastic films

• Sectors: technical fabrics, interior design and fashion industry

• Laser system specifically designed for textile roll processing

• High productivity and high dynamic performances

• High quality

• CCD camera for registry cutting, single or multiprinting markers

• Maximum working area: 3200×2000 mm

• Icaro Textile software to obtain, in just a few, simple guided steps, vector images, raster graphics or decorations by means of static processing and to optimize the material to   be processed

• Industry 4.0 Ready: full digital workflow integration


• Available focal units and lens holders: 3,75”, 5”, 7,5”

• Conveyor for processing materials on rolls

• Rewinder, unwinder

• Loading and unloading table that allow you to reduce substantially production times

• Pre-arranged fumes suction

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