Unmatchable laser cutting speed and accuracy

Product Details


  • Processes: cutting and finishing of textiles on rolls

  • Processable materials: natural and synthetic textiles, TPU, technical textiles

  • Sectors:

    • technical textiles (automotive, airbag, filters, air conditioners)

    • fashion (finished garment, sports and non-sports footwear, clothing, fashion)

  • Laser system specifically designed for processing textiles on rolls

  • High speed (can reach accelerations up to 6g, with speeds up to 4 m/s)

  • High quality with an extremely precise trajectory

  • High productivity

  • Two independent vision systems are available: the linear scanning camera and the matrix camera mounted on the laser cutting head.

  • The fabric is handled by a conveyor designed by SEI Laser

  • Icaro Textile Software to obtain, in just a few, simple guided steps, vector images, raster graphics or decorations by means of on-the-fly or static processing

  • Industry 4.0 Ready: full digital workflow integration

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